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Hot Springs Parking Deck




Completed 2003


Hot Springs, Ar.

This parking garage is located directly across from historic Bathhouse Row in Downtown Hot Springs.  The garage has approximately 250 spaces, all of which are van accessible.  The clearances throughout the structure are higher than many typical garages.  The street level of the building is open to Exchange Street and will be home to the Jazz Festival, the Blues Festival, farmer’s market, and other community functions.  The building is sheathed with a patterned brick veneer, pre-cast concrete arches, columns, and accents, in efforts to blend the new building with the turn-of-the-century architecture that exists around it.  Decorative iron railings and louvers screen the parked cars from view, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the structure.  A pedestrian walk connects the parking garage with the bathhouses.  It is flanked by planters, trees, and historic lights, and has a cascading water feature down its center.  At the upper end of the water feature there is a pedestal for displaying sculpture.